Privacy Policy

The criteria listed below are intended to protect the privacy of users.


The terms and conditions (“Policy”) that accompany this document govern your (“You/Your”) use of the website (the “Website”) and detail how the website’s operators (“We/Us/Our”) will treat Your personal information. The Terms incorporate and relate to this Policy. Furthermore, the Policy will not diminish the Terms in their current form. All key terms that are not included in the Policy will be portrayed in the same way as those in the Terms. If You visit and use our Website, You agree that We may collect, use, and disclose Your Personal Information in accordance with this Policy.

Regulations Concerning Privacy

While releasing or otherwise using users’ personal information with other private firms, our firm complies with all relevant privacy regulations and legislation (“Regulations”). The “Personal Details” section contains information that can be utilized to locate a specific person. Name, address, phone number, social security number, financial data (such as credit card or bank account information), and gender are examples of such information. Personal information must not include a title or position, a business phone number, or the address of the employer. Personal Information will be collected, used, or disclosed by our organization only as authorized by relevant law and this Policy.

Our business employs a Privacy Executive who is responsible for and supervises compliance with this Policy and the applicable legislation in line with the Privacy Regulations.

Data Collection and Utilization

When a consumer visits our website, we get their permission to preserve their Personal Information. These details might include the client’s IP address and other relevant information. Such as the pages were seen, the client’s login date and time, the specifics of their searches, the links they’ve clicked on, and what they liked about Our Website.

Furthermore, we may occasionally take note of broad information that lacks specific personal qualities (“General Information“).

This can include the number of visitors to Our Website, the number of persons who have seen each site, and the programs used to access the Website’s content. This information is commonly used in data mining. Personal information will not be revealed as a result of the findings.

Personal Information and General Information may be used by our business to improve the client experience. This includes website additions such as client-specific customization and changes to visual components. We can employ data mining to identify how people interact with our website and provide them with targeted advertisements and other information. Furthermore, obtained General Information is used to assess the usefulness of changes made to the Website and to improve it further.

Personal Information Use

Unless otherwise noted in this Policy, our organization does not disclose Personal Information with other parties. The General Information obtained through data mining may be shared with third parties to improve the user experience. Personal information and other relevant data from the collected General Information may be added.

We may release Your Personal Information and communications summarized on our website if compelled by law. If Our company is bought by another institution, the Personal Information will be transferred together with the rest of Our assets.

Children’s Access

This website’s material is solely intended for adults. If a person is under the age of 18, the information provided here is not appropriate for them. You are expressing that you are over the age of 18 by visiting our website. Furthermore, if your country has a higher age of majority, your usage of this website shows that you are older. If the consumer is a minor in their country, they must stop using the service immediately.

Cookies and Other Devices

Our website keeps small.txt files on the client’s computer. These might include information on how the user engaged with our website. Cookies do not always allow for a client’s personal identification. If you do not want us to gather this information, you may disable cookies using your web browser settings.

On occasion, our website collects statistical data depending on the client’s browsing activity. This allows Us to give them a better browsing experience.

These programs are part of the website, and the data they collect may be shared with other parties. The software gadgets are used to provide the user with a variety of advertisements and to collect client information. Advertisement companies may use or exploit some of this information if they do so legally. Our company has no say in how this information is used. Furthermore, we have no control over how third parties use the information provided by software widgets put on our website. As a result, the current Privacy Statement makes no mention of the use or abuse of personal information.

External webpage links

Our website contains links to other websites and online resources over which we have no control (“External Resources”). These links do not imply that We encourage the use of these websites. The consumer understands that these links are provided simply to aid navigation. Furthermore, the Client accepts that our company is not liable for the content of these Web pages. The Client’s use of External Pages is governed by their separate privacy regulations.

When a user clicks on a link to an External Resource, the Resource may obtain part of the user’s data. However, we do not disclose personal information with the External Resource. The client’s use of the website, their location, the offer they clicked on, and the point at which they were driven to an external resource are all examples of information that may be shared.


Although no personal information about customers is shared with third parties, this website may make revenue by connecting users to a fee-based External Resource.

Third-party vendors

Our firm may occasionally use foreign service providers (“Broadcast Email Providers”) to aid with client communication. For this purpose, we use email broadcasting services. We can share this information with Broadcast Email providers if the client supplies us with their information, such as their email address, and agrees to receive communication from Our business. These agents are not permitted and will not use your Personal Information for marketing purposes. Furthermore, the client may easily cancel their subscription to these communications. We will no longer send them emails after that.


To avoid the loss or theft of Your Personal Information, our company employs security measures. This category may include software and hardware upgrades. This safeguards your personal information from hackers and malicious websites. Our business will make every effort and use all available technologies to secure your Personal Information. Secure Socket Layers and other security technologies will be used by our firm. This safeguards the data against tampering, destruction, and unauthorized access.

Because we operate in a fast-paced atmosphere, our servers are sometimes situated outside of Canada.

Please keep in mind that the legal systems of offshore countries may differ from those of the EU, the US, and Canada. As a result, degrees of protection may vary significantly. You agree to the storing of your personal information in a country with a different regulatory framework if you visit this website. You agree to the lower level of security that offshore servers will provide for your Personal Information.

Policy Review

This Policy for Protecting Clients’ Personal Information may be revised from time to time by our organization. Our company will notify its consumers of any upcoming changes. A notification will be issued on the website at least one month before the change. You accept the modified Policy if You continue to use Our Website and the services it provides after the notice has been posted. If the user is unhappy with the changes, they can stop using the website.